Knitwear Round Neck 100% Cashmere - Grey



This round-neck men's sweater is crafted from plain knitted kid cashmere, an extremely fine and soft fibre.

The "kid cashmere" yarn is obtained from the undercoat of the baby Hircus goats. The natural molt allows to harvest this precious, exclusive and ultralight fibre without harming in any way the animals and the environment. Then, the raw material is skillfully processed according to the traditional methods of San Carlo - that combine artisan expertise and state of the art technology - to obtain the kid cashmere yarn. This precious fibre is then used for the unique, exclusive and ultrasoft knitwear for both men. It's a long, fascinating process that turn one of the rarest and most precious noble fibres into a supreme quality product: the kid cashmere.

A winter "must-have", essential in any men's wardrobe. The exclusive fabric, extremely soft and enveloping, is a valuable plus.

Colour: Grey

Composition: 100% cashmere
Classic fit
Neckline trim 
Micro-ribbed hem
Made in Italy


All San Carlo products are made from the highest quality materials and, with proper maintenance, they may be long enjoyed. Be mindful when washing fabric articles to read and follow the provided care labels, and avoid excessive contact with complex jewellery or rough surfaces. Keep items with leather in well-ventilated, cool and dry places. For fabrics, leathers, and metals avoid contact with fragrances, solvents and oils.