Luggage Holdall, Perforated Leather, Black


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Sold Out

An icon since the appearance in 1994, the San Carlo Perforated Leather Holdall embodies the spirit of modern travel.

Light, supple and always ready for immediate departure, the bag lives up to its name: those adept at the art of packing can easily fit a week's wardrobe into the generously sized Holdall 

Shown here in classic Black Perforated Leather, with a strap for casual cross-body wear


All San Carlo products are made from the highest quality materials and, with proper maintenance, they may be long enjoyed. Be mindful when washing fabric articles to read and follow the provided care labels, and avoid excessive contact with complex jewellery or rough surfaces. Keep items with leather in well-ventilated, cool and dry places. For fabrics, leathers, and metals avoid contact with fragrances, solvents and oils.